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Campaign Settings - Voice Broadcasting

What is it?

The Campaign Settings feature for a voice broadcasting campaign allows you to edit two things; the
Speed of your campaign and the Maximum Transfer limit.

The Speed of your voice broadcasting campaign is based on CPM, or “Calls per Minute.” You can toggle
this speed from as little as 1 call per minute all the way up to 50 calls per minute. (For faster dialing
speeds, please contact us about our enterprise system.)

The Max Transfer feature allows you to control the amount of simultaneous transfers. In other words,
you can throttle the system so you don’t miss transfers while you’re on the line with another transfer.
For example: Let’s say we set Max Transfer to 2. If one transfer comes through, the campaign will
continue to run. However, if a second transfer comes through while that first transfer is still connected,
the campaign will automatically pause itself after that second transfer. The campaign will then remain
paused until one of the transferred calls is completed. Once one of the transferred calls is finished, the
campaign will begin dialing again. This will continue throughout the duration of the campaign.


Increase or decrease the CPM (calls per minute) of a voice broadcasting campaign.
Control the Maximum Transfers allowed at a time for a voice broadcasting campaign
Prevents missed transfers and lost opportunities
Maximizes campaign efficiency

How It Works

1. Select the empty box to the far left of the campaign you’d like to edit. Now hit GO.

2. You will now be on the Edit Campaign page. Here you can control your Max Transfers by typing in your desired number of Max Transfers. Likewise, you can enter in your desired speed by entering any number between 1 and 50.

3. After you’ve made your changes, click Submit. Your campaign will be updated accordingly.

(Please note: As you can see below, the campaign’s speed can also be changed by
clicking on Speed to the right of your campaign name. After doing so, enter any number
between 1 and 50 and click Set. Your campaign’s speed will update accordingly.)

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