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Schedule Campaign


  • Schedule a campaign to run so you don’t have to manually start it.
  • When you have a large phone list but only want to call through it a little at a time, you can
    schedule the campaign to run daily or weekly. Or, you can add multiple schedules to the same
    campaign if you’d like it to run at various times.

How It Works

1. Select the empty box to the far left of the campaign you’d like to schedule. Now hit GO.

Note: You can also access the schedule page by selecting the
alarm clock icon to the left of the campaign. (See below.)

2. You should now be on the Schedule for Campaign 123456789 page. On this page you’ll be able to select the date, frequency, and time at which your campaign will run. After selecting your settings, click Add.

Please note: When selecting “Run Daily” or “Run Weekly,” the campaign will only dial uncalled
numbers. (For example: If we dial our entire list of 20 numbers on Monday, the system won’t
dial that list again on Tuesday even if the schedule is set to “Run Daily.” This is because there are
no uncalled numbers remaining on the campaign. Please feel free to call us with any questions.)

3. After choosing your schedule settings, you’ll notice that your newly created schedule is listed under Schedule(s).

4. To edit or cancel a schedule, select the alarm clock figure to left of the campaign or use the drop

down option as pictured above. You may then delete the existing schedule from the schedules page.

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