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What Do I need to setup my first campaign?

First of all, welcome to VoiceBlaze! We trust you’ll enjoy your experience. If ever you have a question or
concern, we welcome you to contact us. Thanks again for using VoiceBlaze! Now let’s get started.

Setting up your first campaign goes significantly smoother if you have everything you need ready and
waiting. So let’s go over exactly what you’ll need in order to set up your first campaign.

1. Caller ID Number. A ten digit number your customers will see when the system dials their

phone number. The caller ID number must be an active phone number.

2. Pre-recorded Messages. There are different types of messages. An explanation of each

type of message is below.

a. Live Answer; the message you would like played to any live answers.
Example: Hello, This is _(Your Name)_ from (Company Name). Is your debt piling up?
Are creditors harassing you? If high interest rates and large monthly payments are
making your life difficult, Let (Company Name) consolidate your debt into one affordable
monthly payment with a low interest rate! To get your debt under control and move
towards a promising future, press 1 now to speak to a live credit counselor. If you would
like to be removed from our list, press 2.

b. Answering Machine; the message you want left on answering machines. This message
can be the same as your live answer message or entirely different.
Example: Hello, This is _(Your Name)_ from (Company Name). I’m sorry we missed you.
If your debt is piling up and creditors are harassing you, we can help! We understand
high interest rates and large monthly payments make life difficult, so let (Company
Name) consolidate your debt into one affordable monthly payment with a low interest
rate! To get your debt under control and move towards a promising future, give us a call
and speak to one of our credit counselors at 888-888-8884. Or, you can visit our website
at Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

c. DNC Message; A simple, quick message to confirm the customer has been added to
your account’s DNC list and will not receive future calls.
Example: Thank you, we will remove you from our list.
Please note: You must include the option to be removed in your main Live Answer
message (see example above). Otherwise, those you call won’t know what number to
press in order to be removed.

d. Transfer Message; Similar to the DNC Message, this message is a quick confirmation to
your customer that they are being transferred.
Example: Thank you for your interest. Please hold while you’re transferred to one of our

Again, the option to transfer must be included in the main message so those you call
know the digit to press in order to be transferred.

3. Transfer Number. The transfer number is the ten digit number that will ring when a

Customer presses the transfer digit. Upon pressing the transfer digit, your customer will hear
your transfer message (see above). Your phone will then ring.

Please note: The transfer number is only necessary when running a live transfer campaign.

4. Phone List. Make sure the phone numbers in your list are in their own column. You can

upload additional information such as name, address, etc… with the phone numbers, but the
phone numbers need to be separate from the rest of the information. For example, your Excel
file will upload properly if the phone number is in Column A, name in Column B, and address in
Column C. For best results, save your file as .txt or CSV file.

5. SAN Number, Social Security Number, or Company TAX ID (EIN Number).

On the final step of setting up a campaign, the system will require you to enter one of the three
aforementioned numbers to confirm you understand our terms of service. You can register for a
SAN Number here. It is free.

Contact VoiceBlaze today and speak live with one of our friendly sales specialists to get your voice broadcasting campaign up and running today! Call us at 1-888-390-4975.