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This is an outstanding, easy to use voice-message service. I use it for the church and my photo business.
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This is one of the best sites I have ever experienced total customer satisfaction
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love working with Voice Blaze very consistent leads,are always there to assist you or answer any questions you may have,
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very happy with the service
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By drummerdan - Google Checkout Reviews
It was simple and very easy.
By CCARonline - Google Checkout Reviews
I am very happy with the service and would and have referred them business. Nate does a great job for us.
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I had a very good experience with VoiceBlaze.
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It was simple and easy to use! And, it accomplished what I was trying to do! I would highly recommend using this site.
By Shelly - Google Checkout Reviews
very easy and very good
By Shopper - Google Checkout Reviews
very satisfied, Im staying with them
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By Shopper - Google Checkout Reviews
Excellent service
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The system was very easy to use, self-intuitive, and the purchase and top ups were done with ease, too. Customer support was quick to respond, always answered or resolved with the one call and very knowledgeable. This is truly one of the best business experiences I've had in a long time. Highly recommend.
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I called VoiceBlaze to ask about capabilities of the system, and the tech gave me his personal cell # in case I had problems. I used the system to send an informational message to my church's congregation. I was able to reach over 200 people for around $6 within 5 minutes. The pastor was very impressed. I was impressed with VoiceBlaze as well! Thanks.
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excellent- easy to use and understand. Plus their tech support is very good!
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Good, easy, and very helpful.
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As a computer novice it was a little hard to enter my data but the end result was great.
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Their system worked perfectly. 100% recommended.
By Andrew Barden - Google Checkout Reviews
Their product was a good fit for our business, their customer support was friendly and prompt. I would recommend them to anyone looking to use voice broadcasting.
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Excellent! Everything was as described by Nate and the site was very easy to manage.
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The customer support is great! Everytime I have had a question, someone was always very quick to answer it. They are truly a blessing to ministries such as mine.
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Price good, customer service excellent, server time needs to be faster to keep up, but I haven't found better deal out there. I guess there is no perfect world. :)
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Voice Broadcasting Industry Article:

Designing Voice Broadcasting scripts that produce real results.

Voice broadcasting scripts can be the catalyst that makes or breaks a good campaign. Make sure you follow these steps to ensure you have a winning telemarketing script.

Voice Broadcasting

If your business has taken the plunge into voice broadcasting, or if you are just thinking about it, you absolutely need the right script in order to produce the results that make telemarketing worth while. Here are some things to consider when writing and recording your telemarketing script.

1) Audience.

Consider who will hear this message. Are they younger or older? Do they know what kind of products or services you have? Are they familiar with your company? Creating a campaign that will not scare people away is absolutely paramount when creating a script. For instance, if your campaign is going to a southern state such as Alabama you may want to consider having a professional voice-over record the message with a slight southern draw. This not only gives a hint of trustworthiness, but also of being local. Having a voice that sounds like it's coming from a big corporation in New York City or L.A. will not resonate well with that audience.

2) Timing.

Is your audience a morning crowd or evening crowd? Are you trying to reach businesses on the west coast or east coast? Are you sending a political message that you want to be heard by as many ears as possible? Timing can be everything to a successful voice broadcasting campaign. If you are on the east coast and are creating a business to business message for businesses in California, then consider the timing of the mind frame those people will have. Waiting until at least 2pm eastern time will be the best use of your time frame. So when creating your script, you many even want to start with a "good morning" thus giving your message even more relevancy to the time of day your leads are listening to your message, even if it is a recording.

For political campaigns keep in mind the same thing in regards to the time of day your target audience will be listening to your voice broadcasting campaign. Since the majority of people answer the phone the most between 5pm and 8pm locally, you would want to start your political message with a "good evening".

3) Overall Relevancy.

If your audience is on the younger side, do not be afraid to include words or topics that they would understand. Using a reference to facebook would make sense if you are targeting 18 to 39 year olds. If your offer/service/announcement also has a facebook page or website with more information, by all means include it. However if your audience is 65 or older, these references would be a waste of effort.

A few other things to keep in mind when doing this campaign are:

1) Region of the country - Is it cold or warm there? Are they typically more liberal or conservative? How is the economy in the area?

2) Language dialect - Should you record your message to sound like a more southern accent? Mid-western? Northern? Canadian? Spanish Accent?

3) Tech Savyness? Should you create your voice broadcasting campaign to reference bleeding edge technology or Stay away from it as to not scare off your audience?

These items are a good starting point for creating your voice broadcasting campaign. Unfortunately, many voice broadcasters often try to sound like "themselves" rather than trying to reach out and be relevant to their audience. After writing your script, say it over and over out loud and have several people listen to it and give their feedback. This is what will produce the most relevant and successful voice broadcasting script.

Contact VoiceBlaze today and speak live with one of our friendly sales specialists to get your voice broadcasting campaign up and running today! Call us at 1-888-390-4975.