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This is an outstanding, easy to use voice-message service. I use it for the church and my photo business.
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This is one of the best sites I have ever experienced total customer satisfaction
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love working with Voice Blaze very consistent leads,are always there to assist you or answer any questions you may have,
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very happy with the service
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By drummerdan - Google Checkout Reviews
It was simple and very easy.
By CCARonline - Google Checkout Reviews
I am very happy with the service and would and have referred them business. Nate does a great job for us.
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I had a very good experience with VoiceBlaze.
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It was simple and easy to use! And, it accomplished what I was trying to do! I would highly recommend using this site.
By Shelly - Google Checkout Reviews
very easy and very good
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very satisfied, Im staying with them
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By Shopper - Google Checkout Reviews
Excellent service
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The system was very easy to use, self-intuitive, and the purchase and top ups were done with ease, too. Customer support was quick to respond, always answered or resolved with the one call and very knowledgeable. This is truly one of the best business experiences I've had in a long time. Highly recommend.
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I called VoiceBlaze to ask about capabilities of the system, and the tech gave me his personal cell # in case I had problems. I used the system to send an informational message to my church's congregation. I was able to reach over 200 people for around $6 within 5 minutes. The pastor was very impressed. I was impressed with VoiceBlaze as well! Thanks.
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excellent- easy to use and understand. Plus their tech support is very good!
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Good, easy, and very helpful.
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As a computer novice it was a little hard to enter my data but the end result was great.
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Their system worked perfectly. 100% recommended.
By Andrew Barden - Google Checkout Reviews
Their product was a good fit for our business, their customer support was friendly and prompt. I would recommend them to anyone looking to use voice broadcasting.
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Excellent! Everything was as described by Nate and the site was very easy to manage.
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The customer support is great! Everytime I have had a question, someone was always very quick to answer it. They are truly a blessing to ministries such as mine.
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Price good, customer service excellent, server time needs to be faster to keep up, but I haven't found better deal out there. I guess there is no perfect world. :)
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Voice Broadcasting Industry Article:

Voice broadcasting costs explained – Don’t be fooled EVER again!

There is a very important piece of information that you absolutely need to know when selecting a voice broadcasting company. Your billing increment can make or break your ROI.

Voice Broadcasting

So if you have ever looked into comparing voice broadcasting companies, you’ve no doubt looked for how much they charge. Most companies will bill you on a per minute basis. Some will charge per lead or per transfer or delivered message, but you are better off getting the per minute rate. Voice broadcasting companies who charge you per transfer are making sure they are covering their costs and therefore jack up the rates on you to make sure they are covered.

Now that you’ve found companies who bill on a per minute basis there are a few things to look for to get the most bang for your buck, however there is on really big item you will want to ask. When you call up a company please be sure to ask what billing increment they charge on.

What is a billing increment?

A billing increment is the amount of time (i.e. 6 sec. 12 sec. 30 sec. or 60 sec.) increments in which your total per minute charges are based on. Some companies will bill on different billing increments, and they can drastically affect how much your campaign costs to run.

For instance, if you are billed on at 3 cents per minute on 60 second billing increments that means that no matter how long your phone call lasted you are billed for the full 60 seconds. So if your call lasts just 15 seconds, your total charges for that call will be 3 cents.

However if you are being billed at 6 second billing increments, that means you will only be billed for every 6 seconds of connected time. So that 15 second call will be billed for 18 seconds (rounded to the nearest 6 second increment), which comes to a total cost of 9/10ths of a cent (less than 1 cent.)

That’s a 60% savings!

So now that you have an understanding of how the billing increments work and just how much of a savings you can get, do NOT get started with ANY voice broadcasting campaign until you know exactly how much you are being billed.

Don’t be fooled. If you come across companies saying they will bill you at absurdly low rates, ask them what the billing increment is. If they say they can get you a rate of 1.5 cents per minute, if you are not doing ridiculous volume of calls (hundreds of thousands per day), then most likely you are going to be billed at 60 second increments. So let’s do a little quick math on this. 1.5 cents per minute on 60 second billing increments will cost 1.5 cents for a 10 second or 30 second call depending on how long the call lasts. This 30 second call will cost exactly the same amount when being billed 3 cents per minute on 6 second increments, exactly 1.5 cents.

Some companies try to use this tactic as a little billing secret that allows them to give them illusion that they are giving their customers an extremely low billing per minute rate, when in reality it’s not that low at all.

oice broadcasting can be one of the most effective communication mediums for your business or organization. However, this little tip will give you the advantage when dealing with voice broadcasting companies. If they are transparent, you will have the best chance of success with your campaign.

Contact VoiceBlaze today and speak live with one of our friendly sales specialists to get your voice broadcasting campaign up and running today! Call us at 1-888-390-4975.