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Terms Of Service

Downloads (PDF Format)
1) Do-Not-Call Compliance Statement (State & Federal Regulations Document)
2) Telemarketing Disclosure Compliance Statement

VoiceBlaze requires customers to agree to different service agreements depending on the platform being utilized by the customer. If you are using the platform you will agree to the terms of service upon creation of each campaign. Customers using any of our other dialing platforms will receive a service agreement to review and sign before being given access to the platform.

As a customer you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions associated with the platform you are using at the time.

Refund Policy:
Deposits made within the last 30 days are refundable up to 75% of the deposit. Deposits past 30 days old are only refundable up to 50% of the deposit. Deposits made longer than 6 months ago are not refundable.